Gran was right. I AM a writer.

And the birds were right, too: My truth shall set me free.

Here, post by post, are the truths that I have found. May they serve your journey as well, by reminding you to find your own.

– mcb

Author Mary “C. is for Crash” Batson, MA, is a mediator, a storyteller, and a big-time fan of apple butter. The writings of this barnstormer-in-training draw on her activities and interest in international environmental activism, restorative justice, personal development, and intercultural communication. Mary’s adventures have led her across bridges around the world and she’s looking forward to crossing – and building – many more. Her writings and work can be found via FrontPorchRambles.com, on Facebook or by emailing Mary@FrontPorchRambles.com

Want more Mary? Come visit FrontPorchRambles. We love company!


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