Celebrating Labor Day? Pick up a broom! (Metaphorically speaking, of course)

Love this essay on America’s learnings from August 2017. A grandiose, gut-wrenching grounding indeed.

But it isn’t over. When rugs get pulled back and we see that massive pile of dirt that’s been accumulating, at first we may go into shock. But then it’s time to start cleaning up that mess, one layer at a time. Next, to devise that housekeeping schedule that ensures we don’t revert to the old behaviors that led here in the first place.

If all we do is quietly put the rug back and try to act like nothing ever happened, well… We’ll find out where that leads. Infected wounds have a way of making themselves known.

Happy Labor Day weekend, friends, whether you’re in America to celebrate with us, or elsewhere on this little ol’ planet. The fields are truly white unto harvest. May we each identify the field or fields that is ours to do, and then – let’s get to work.

Much love, from just north of the mighty Muddy.

(C) 2017 Mary Batson, FrontPorchRambles.com
All rights reserved, especially the one to pick up that broom and get to work.



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