May we never forget

These are words from some time ago — honoring the passage in which humanity now finds itself. The release of one age, the advent of another. Can we see and appreciate each step along the way, refraining from demonizing or glorifying whatever we now leave behind or walk toward? Can we walk the middle way?

Hard to put into words, but feeling a deep sense of grief right now – for all of us. For the world. For dreams held dear, striven for, oftentimes innocently, perhaps naively, and yet, the best of which one was aware. For all now gone that will return no more, not even the possibility to dream. The goals and visions and objectives that once seemed all important, now spineless points of past, shallow at best, destructive at worst. For the innocence that cultured these beliefs. Even when it proved dangerous, perhaps deadly, how beautiful in its zealousness, its vibrant grasp for life. I cannot believe that most acted in bad faith. Those times are passing, an era gone, dreams long dead. And while this is good so, so very good so, as society’s butterfly struggles to break out, I cannot help but, at least for a moment, to grieve the caterpillar. For surely the caterpillar had its own innate value, in and of itself, if only to munch on crisp green leaves in morning dew, and crawl along on all those little legglings. Like children, growing up, beautiful, good, and yet, what parent does not silently grieve the first time a child begins to suspect that there is no Easter bunny, no Santa Claus, no fairy tale. As that child reaches for the apple dangling from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Beautiful, yes. Necessary, yes. Evolving, yes. But there for that moment, when the heart was in the right place and the world still believed in magic, even in the unknowing, even in all the wrong steps, even then – oh, so very beautiful. May we look back with love, at others, at ourselves. As grown-ups who look back with kind eyes and compassion at the demanding, compulsive children we were, oh, how very wrong in our sureness, and at the same time, so very, very beautiful. May we never forget. (04/13/15)

(C) 2017 Mary Batson,
All rights reserved, especially the one to see and appreciate all angles, to consider the light and shadow in life just as beautiful and essential as the play of light and shadow in art.


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