It’s Not Just a Dream

Don’t like where this country is headed? GET INVOLVED!

I don’t care how you vote. If you care about the good of our country – which is really the good of the people in it – that’s something we share, common ground on which we can begin all kinds of beautiful initiatives. So let’s get out and do something about it. Find a cause you feel passionate about, and pursue it.

I so appreciate the meme that has been floating around Facebook recently – something to the extent of, regardless of what happens on the national level today, WE are the ones who can chose to take charge of shaping the heart and soul (and economic sustainability) of our local neighborhoods and communities. Like it or not, we ARE the government – there is no THEY. There is only We the People – and we are a mighty power, when we have a mind to be.

If all we do is vote every few years, then shut ourselves into our little 4-walled prisons surround-sound high-distraction-factor homes and worlds of social media, which we begin to mistake AS the world – nothing is going to change. Well, it will, but most likely not in a helpful direction. It’s like standing on a treadmill – you may think you’re standing still, but just give it a minute.

Care about the national level? Then get involved HERE. NOW. At the community level. In your own home, your own mind if that’s where the healing needs to begin. In your street. Your neighborhood. Your place of work or worship.

Life is not about pointing fingers and placing blame on those around us. Life is about taking ownership of everything that is ours to do – in all aspects of our lives, from the personal to the progressively larger circles in which we exist – our communities, our nation, the world at large. Taking charge. Accepting responsibility. Practicing accountability. Not just saying “I don’t like this, but I do like this,” then retreating to a wi-fi-fed cocoon. But hey – even that’s a start. It all begins somewhere.

Please – whatever you believe, whatever you prefer – life is happening out there. Right here. Right now. Get involved. Don’t sit this one out. If you’re not sure where to begin, start with a discussion. Or start with some digging – do some research (and check out their sources and funding, while you’re at it). And then – take that next step. And the next. And the next.

Together, WE create that village. ALL of us. Together. Let’s get to know our neighbors, and make our worlds ones we can be proud to pass on to the next generation. Let’s show them how grown-ups really can be – how we can learn to get along and work together, in spite of, who knows, perhaps because of, our differences. How that diversity is exactly what we need to keep a system alive and well and breathing and healthy. How we learned and recognized and accepted that we ALL can bring some good ideas to the table, where we can hash them out, as we focus on highest good for all involved, and that common ground we’ve finally realized we share.

It’s not just a dream. Today, let’s make it our reality.

(C) 2016 Mary Batson,
All rights reserved – especially the one we gained in 1920.


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