Butterfly with weight


butterfly, butterfly, spread your wings,

stretch, unfold, become.

fear not the warming sunlight,

the wonders yet to come.

served well, with warmth and safety,

the darkness of your womb;

but now unwind those silken threads,

less haven, become tomb.

be grateful for the moments past,

but now look to the sky.

it’s waiting, now, my dear, for you,

so spread your wings and fly.

the view above, stunning, I’m told,

the colors, all you’ll see;

well worth this rending, treach’rous pain,

this battle to break free.

your path lies straight ahead, you’ve come

so far and done so well;

this struggling just another step,

another flower to smell.

and when you’ve come full circle,

perhaps one day you’ll find

the precious parts you took along,

the chaff you left behind.



(C) 2007 Mary Batson


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