Loaves & Fishes Come in All Sizes: Is This Yours?

Field Sparrow

Who, me? (Audubon)

The best part of any day is Snack Time for the local wildlife.

We’ve got this down to a creative science: I sit and sip as they gather, and I swear they watch the level in my cup. They know what’s coming. Wait, wait, did she move yet?

Over on the side the bunnies come in to nibble clover, breaking into joyful hopscotch as the mood strikes. Only the wild shaking of the branches at the tops of the trees betray the squirrel party underway. And the birds keep coming…

Cat alert - can't you see him

Is it really you?

Closer, closer, 10 feet… 5 feet… is she DONE yet??!?! Songbirds, crows, woodpeckers, but the ones who have begun to steal my heart most ‘specially – the ones we sometimes overlook – they’re not splashy, you know. The little sparrows, the wrens, the chickadees, so precious in their tiny-ness, so special in their simplicity. No show-offs here – but oh, what spirit, what pluck. Don’t let their size fool you! (Remember who you always see chasing away the bigger birds? There is great power in one, and even more in a group.)

Doing Garfield proud

My neighbors always seem to be a bit wider when I leave. But maybe that’s coincidence?

And finally: She’s UP! She’s MOVING! YES. Oh oh oh – the twist tie is coming off – watch that left hand – yes, there it goes, there it goes… in, out, in, out, and a rain of manna sweeps the yard… and another…. and another… May it never end, by the Great Horned Owl! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! GO!!! GO!!! GO!!!!

And they descend, as I return to my seat – no sense giving them indigestion by maintaining my presence on their dinner table. The mood relaxes as I sit back down, calms even more as I lift my cup. I’ve noticed if I pretend to eat or drink, it makes the locals happy – they think I’m occupied, and obviously not eating one of them. But then again, squirrels are extremely sociable – they seem to like to eat with others – years ago we used to share walnuts and toast on a now-far-away balcony. Afterward we’d sit in the sun and digest together. You know, like the Spanish proverb – it is good to do nothing, then rest afterwards. (That was when Rocky the Squirrel chewed his way into my home on a regular basis, presenting himself quite proudly in the center of my living room. But that is not a story for today…)

And so the morning begins. May yours be just as beautiful and peace-filled. ❤



I’ll have a little bit of this, and a little bit of that…

(C) 2016 Mary Batson, FrontPorchRambles.com
All rights reserved, especially the one for feathered friends.

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