Banana Art


Thanks, Donna!

Earlier this week I had a great reminder about just how small this planet is, and how interconnected its inhabitants.

A few close friends know about some of the situations I’m working with here in KC, and they also know that in a lot of ways, I had been feeling like I was on my last leg.

And then there was Friday. That morning my readings had included a page on the monkey mind – how when we’re tired or worn in other ways, it’s easier for that monkey mind to take over and spin off into endless, useless, powerless circles. Words of advice: Take charge. Distract it with a banana.

Good thoughts. Always good thoughts. Easy to read. Not always easy to put into practice.

Feeling good, getting to work, admiring the sunrise and bird calls as I walked inside. And then the universe (or whatever you want to all it) stepped in: As I walked up to my desk, I looked down and just started laughing. There, for some unknown reason, next to my monitor, was a large yellow banana. I don’t know how it got there, and when I left, it was still there – no one had claimed it.

Then, as I headed out the door on my next adventure, I heard a ding and looked down to see a message from a long distance friend, a beautiful, courageous soul with whom I only rarely connect.

I opened the message and again, just started laughing. It’s this picture, you see. “Banana art.” A joke from years ago when I rearranged her fruit bowl, then tried to explain myself.

I wrote back on the spot to say thanks, that if only she knew what that meant to me, she’d understand how good it was that she’d followed that impulse, from the middle of nowhere, perhaps not even making sense to her. Of all things to share, why that? Heck, why had she even taken the picture in the first place, all those years ago? But she felt it – and she followed it – and for this Kansas City Kitty, it was a pretty big deal.

All this to say: Never assume the universe has forgotten you. And when you feel an odd impulse to say or do or send something that seems out of place, meaningless to you – do it. You have no idea what it may mean to the person on the receiving end. Plus, the better you listen the more you hear – and the more you share and have the courage to follow your own guidance, the more you’ll inspire others to do the same.

Thank you Donna Evers. You have been, and continue to be, an inspiration.

And so it is. Bananas and all.

(C) 2015 Mary Batson,
Originally written/posted on September 6, 2015.
All rights reserved, including the one to go bananas.


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