The Heart that Breaks Open: Some Observations


(C) Paulo Coelho

These days, with so many friends and family going through multiple and repeating extremes, not to mention those in widening circles from the personal to the planetary, it reminds me of something I’ve been observing in my professional environment. No surprise, things are chaotic in the work world as well. With each person already stretching to their max privately, on the public level, smelly stuff has a way of hitting the fan as well. As we are being collectively stripped down to our roots, we’re getting to take a good long look at them, to see just what we’re made of, what needs to fall away, what needs to be strengthened. At the same time, we’re also getting a glimpse of our strength. With apologies to the Duke, we’re getting to see our true grit.

As challenges have arisen and some things have fallen apart in my work setting, I’ve observed something very beautiful – how the core team has pulled together more closely than ever, truly helping each other, truly working together, becoming more real and authentic with each other, becoming more and more deeply and authentically a team. No, not perfectly – but in ways I didn’t know we were capable of. And it’s been good to see. I hope, and I have to hold trust, that others are seeing this as well, in their own worlds, hopefully their own family, their friends, their offices. In a sense, I feel like that’s what we’re all experiencing now – along with the realization that we need help, just as much as we need to help those around us. As we all wake up and realize this, our “teams” come together, more solidly, more cohesively, more powerfully than ever. Now, with this newfound sense of oneness, where will we go from here?

We are all being stretched. Just like the planet. Mother has been taken to her breaking


(C) StoryPeople

point, and those snaps, as they occur, are wreaking havoc around our world. Not intentionally – Gaia still loves her children – but she has carried all she can bear. It makes me think of the refrigerator magnet I’ve seen in so many homes – “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Well, huh. Guess what? And as above, so below, we see this taking place in our lives as well – as we are being stretched to our breaking points, and yes, we are snapping, here and there, bits and pieces – finding our limits, and finding out that, just like Mother, we cannot go on indefinitely – we all have our limits in this 3D world.

And just as I have seen such beauty come from this, as teams pull together in new and  different ways, there are other forms of beauty revealing themselves. You see, when  lightning or a drought or a flood or a bug strip a tree to its bare branches, you get to see how extraordinarily beautiful they are, in their twistings and turnings, as life has shaped them. When the storm has uprooted the tree, leaving the roots exposed, you see the same beauty was way down deep all along, just out of sight, just out of our vision. As our worlds collide and our hearts shatter, and shatter yet again, just like Joanna Macy said, we are being opened, and “the heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe.” There is nothing more beautiful than that. As our shells are cracked, our egos are cracked, everything that kept us apart is broken wide open, we may finally, finally, finally, come together in recognition of what was true all along.

“So ring the bell that still can ring, forget your perfect offering –for there’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” (Leonard Cohen)

Yes, Ram Dass – “We are all just walking each other home.” And finally, we’re learning how to hold hands as we do it.


(C) Ram Dass

One closing thought…

Fallen InLove.jpg

(C) Joanna Macy

(C) 2016 Mary Batson,
All rights reserved, especially the one to find beauty in everything.


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