2016: Creating Your Vision

So, it’s January 2nd. Have you thought about how you want to spend the rest of this year? Who you want to be?

No pressure – but the truth is, these days will pass just as quickly as those of 2015. And unless we step actively toward the changes we want to see in our lives, day by day, week by week, another year will pass before we know it.


Visions of Yesterday: Essence

If we’ve done nothing, we may think nothing has changed. But as Gran taught me, life is like a treadmill. If you stand still, things will start moving around you. And if you don’t cooperate with that movement, more often than not you’ll get thrown on your keister. Take it from personal experience: That isn’t particularly enjoyable.

So, if the thought of designing your next year sounds intriguing, how exactly does one begin this process? Well, all the best science and all the best art teaches us the same thing: All new things begin as an idea, an imagination.

You can lock and load *yours by something as simple as making a vision board. That process can last as briefly or as leisurely as you allow it. I spent this afternoon making mine. No clocks, no time concerns – and no phone. Just me, some good music and soft lights, a stack of magazines, a poster board, and that magical hot glue gun (my fingertips have expressed their desire that next time I use a glue stick). I took a minute to set my intent, then put those scissors to use.

As these exercises so often do, what came out surprised even me. Some of it fit what I was already aware of, already working toward. And some of it was pretty new. Some of it, I won’t claim to understand just yet, but that’s ok. I’ve got nothing but time.

IMG_7872 (1)

2016: Light, in the Heart of Darkness

After admiring my handiwork and giving my back a rest (and a few stretches), I went to my Wall of Mary, and removed the previous vision statement. Not all the way. It felt right to keep it there, just not front and center. But a good reminder of where I’ve come from, how some things have shifted, while others remained the same.

I hung the second one, today’s creation, and sat back to admire it yet again. That was when I began to notice a few things that took my breath away. For example, different animal friends had appeared on this one. Dream work tells us this represents our instincts, while other paths have different explanations.

What stopped me in my tracks was the realization that one animal, and only one, was on both. Except in the first one, from a few years ago, it was a small, domesticated version – all eyes and ears and twitching tail. On today’s version, that animal had grown into its most strong and ferocious relative. Same enigmatic gaze, same twitching tail. But when this gentle giant, disturbed from peaceful nap by predators or hunger, feels it necessary to roar, the entire savannah knows to listen. It doesn’t roar much – that’s a waste of energy. But when it needs to, it is more than capable of protecting or feeding itself. And I’ll tell ya, Little Mary was pretty happy about that discovery.

What else… well, one phrase appeared again. Exactly, word for word. “A New Way of Understanding.” And I was reminded of Gran comparing life to a parking garage, in which we go around the same circle over and over, as we learn and grow. Each time a little deeper, or a little higher.

Creativity ranked high on this one, whereas rest and comfort had claimed priority on the last. Adventure in different forms appeared on both. But this one has a little less emphasis on external travel, and more on internal. What else appeared on both? The idea of teams, and team work, something I’ve been learning about in my latest KC adventures. My life never really involved teams before, so that learning was a whole new ballgame.

Flying was still there, but in different forms. And yes, a reminder that this year will also bring loss – not something that I would have thought to place on a vision board, and yet, when I saw the words, I knew they belonged there. But they are next to other words: Survival skills. Well equipped. Yes, I have learned a lot about grief and loss. My skills are honed, and my toolbox is full. Whatever the loss to come will be, I know it won’t be easy. But I have already been broken beyond brokenness – and I know that I can come through anything, one step at a time, one breath at a time, staying in the moment, watching my footsteps, being carried by grace. One phrase says it all: Fire roasted. And in this case, that doesn’t mean a jar of salsa or Sara’s famous pickles.


Yesterday, today, I dreamed a dream

So back to YOUR 2016. How will it shape up? Only you can know, only you can begin to cast a pattern, or better yet, to peel back the layers to allow what was there all along to emerge. And now that you’ve gotten this far, when you make your creation, don’t forget to title it. My last one, from too many years ago, was called Essence. Today’s creation carries words that have followed me all day – everywhere I go I see references to them. Light, in the Heart of Darkness.

May 2016 be your most beautiful creation yet. May it be balanced in both darkness and light. And at the end of your time, may you be told by some special friend the message that she carried for you all along: The Universe thanks you for incarnating into physical form to carry heavy burdens and to find joy, to experience and embody the entire human experience.

And so it is. This or something better, with highest good for all concerned, free will for all involved, and harm to none. Thank you, Father Mother God. _/\_

(C) 2016 Mary Batson, FrontPorchRambles.com.
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