Stepping out of the trenches: Your Center holds

As the vibes of tonight’s super moon gently swirl their way around our planet and through our minds and hearts, a question to chew on:

What are your gifts? What hard-earned wisdom have you come by, peeled back and revealed, all you’ve learned and experienced and suffered from and come through that you can share with others? Like a good friend said the other night: You don’t have to be fully healed. You can already serve those who are just one step behind. And you can only lead through places where you have already walked.

I ask you: What are your gifts, and how might you be able to share them, as you step forward into this new chapter of your life? They are beautiful, most precious – just waiting to be unwrapped.

Your Center holds: Find it. Hold it. Trust it. Follow it. You got this.

A story from this week that felt apropos: About six months ago, after almost six years on the retail front, a young man I know braved the current (and the riptide) and struck out for greener pastures. He went to a somewhat similar job – but it did pay much better. And the other day, a mutual friend gave me an update – he walked out of that second job. (We agreed: This was not like him – so we won’t even ask what the other place was like.) And where is he now? He’s working as a gunsmith, in a gun shop – and absolutely loving it. He has always loved guns, everyone who knew him knew that. For him, this is a dream job, and it feels so RIGHT – so solid – the center holds. But for him to get there, he had to face his fear of leaving the security of the known – the security of what he’d done before – AND take that middle step of something he didn’t particularly like at the time. But it was a first step out of the trenches.

Here’s to your first step, wherever it leads you. Whatever your dream is – however big or small – keep walkin’. It’s just ahead. I can feel it.

And this was just a thought. You know me: Always thinkin’.


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