Hearts Big As Texas

North Carolina friend Gary’s video of a farmer carefully cutting a deer out of pig wire reminds me of so many people I know, with roughened hands, wind-burned faces, and hearts big as Texas. The ways those hearts can’t help but peek out at certain times, in certain places. Just so, so beautiful. Can’t hide a beating heart you know. Love is sneaky – it will always find a way.

Or as Gran put it: “Love looks for open hearts like water looks for lowest ground, and Gran said if we’d just open our hearts, love would find its own way in.”* And out, as the case may be. 🙂

Yes, first and foremost, it reminds me of my dad. He would have done this – and did the equivalent so many times, in so many ways. I remember one summer when the creek was drying out and the raccoons were having a heyday on the unwittingly revealed mussels. He and I took our buckets and shovels and dug up all the mussels we could find, to save them in one of the cow tanks until the rains returned and they could be safely redeposited in their home – sustainable living at its finest. The raccoons could have their share – but no momentary massacre! (OK, in all fairness, we did keep a pot for ourselves… albeit only he and I would eat them, while the rest of the family looked on in horror: Those came out of the CREEK. I also learned to eat things like dandelion greens and clover tops from him… and Billy Joe Tatum’s wild foods cookbook.)

And yes, this story also reminds me of a lot of other people. Maybe even you, who knows? 🙂

In honor of those who find the little ways to let their hearts out – against all odds, sometimes it seems… in honor of those whose clear eyes look out on the world each day, whose solid feet walk the earth in boots caked thick with reality… in honor of those who aren’t in it for the fame, the money, the recognition… who walk humble roads, whistling as they go…

Don’t know what it is about this commercial, but it gets me every time.

Maybe because of all the beautiful people it reminds me of. How I love those who face you straight up with who they are, as best they can – no show, no put-on – not trying to hide behind big achievements or fancy titles or to put on a face for the public. The ones who make things tick, who make things go – quietly, unsung – one step, one song, one day at a time. So beautiful – so very, very beautiful.

Now, don’t go rolling your eyes at ME.  🙂

Listen up: That water tower’s talkin’ again.

* From Going Home (2010) Mary Batson, FrontPorchRambles.com

P.S. Busch: You’re welcome for the free advertising. 😀


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